Pressure Power

Proudly Providing Pressure Washing Services To The Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro Areas

Driveway Discount... 25% off! 
Just $80 for 500 sq' of  driveway pressure washing!  

Pressure Power in Beaverton will pressure wash and rinse up to 500 square feet of your driveway for just $80.  That's just .16 cents per square foot...... an 18' x 28' driveway!  Additional driveway area is just .18 cents per square foot.  Comparable rates for sidewalk, entryway, patio, sport court or pool area.  We proudly service the Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro areas.

For $80 you can't beat power washing to make your place SHINE  or to make it safer.  It's hard to find anyone to come to your place for any service for just $80 dollars.  But Pressure Power in Beaverton will and we won't require additional services or hit you with a 'set-up' fee.

I'm Jim Boucher, the owner of Pressure Power. With 10 years experience, the right tools, two of everything, and a passion for pressure washing, Pressure Power gets it right the first time.  If you are not satisfied, I'll make it right.  
I stand by my work because I love what I do.
                                                    Jim Boucher/Owner

Call me today at  503-473-5970  for a free estimate.  

Pressure Power is  a properly insured and registered business in Washington County.   Insurance certificate is available upon request.

Pressure Power for a grand entrance.