Pressure Power is focused entirely on affordable residential ‘hardscape’ pressure washing.

It’s all I do!  I am passionate about pressure washing. I love it! My name is Jim Boucher and I’m the owner of Pressure Power.

My passion for pressure washing comes from the instant gratification that it brings.  I know it’s not my property but it feels fantastic when dark and dull surfaces experience the renewal that comes from pressure washing.  I love the BRILLIANT SURFACE RENEWAL!

I am also passionate for my kids and their college education. That’s the WHY behind Pressure Power. Daughter, Ashley, a Seattle Pacific graduate, recently got her masters at USC.  Aliyah is a graduate from the University of Puget Sound. My third, Josiah, is a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We’re making progress! How fortunate for me that my passions overlap, that one can serve the other. I’m a lucky man!

What are YOU passionate about? I’ll bet your home and family rank high.

With that in mind I hope you’re giving them both the attention they need and deserve. For your driveways’ sake, maybe it needs a treat. If it’s a bit dull and dingy or displays a green tinge or some blotchy black algae, it’s time to give Pressure Power a call. For just $80 Pressure Power will pressure wash and rinse your driveway (up to 500 square feet). Give me a call today to make your place SHINE.

Call Jim at 503-473-5970.


I believe in ‘paying it forward’ so beginning in 2016 Pressure Power began donating 1% of gross sales to Catalyst Partnerships and to Forward Edge International. These two charities, one local the other international, are exceptional programs. Yep, it’s only 1% but it’s a start. I hope to increase the donation by 1% each year.

– Check out Catalyst Partnerships atcatalystnw.org

-Check out Forward Edge International at forwardedge.org

Where’s YOUR passion?

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We got the tools

The goal of Pressure Power is to bring brilliant surface renewal to the flat-surfaces around your home.

Competitive Pricing

Hiring a specialist doesn’t have to be more expensive.


Pressure washing is all I do! I have ten years experience specializing in residential flat-surface pressure washing but my rates are wonderfully affordable.


Specializing in hard scape pressure washing means I DON’T do buildings, roofs, windows or gutters. Pressure washing is ALL I DO!

Serving You Since 2007

Pressure Power is in its 11th year of business, licensed and insured, A+ BBB Accreditation.

Satisfaction Guranteed

I DO every job and I look forward to EVERY job and yours is no exception.  I stand by my work because I love what I do.





Proudly Providing Pressure Washing Services To The Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro Areas